Session files

Do you know if it is possible to reduce, or auto delete, old session files from /system/storage/sessions ? it creates too many files and i dont have users surfing... anyone with this problem? Any solution?



  • Hi

    i'm working on this problem , the next version will be able to delete them automatically
    But for now, You Can just delete them manually

  • Hi! Did you find solution for auto delete of session files? I am deleting everyday few days 200000 - 300000 files manually and getting all the time warnings from my host.
  • Our server has noticed a high number of files stored in a specific directory < /xxxxxxx/system/storage/sessions/ > in your account . The volume of which is sufficient enough to degrade overall performance of other websites hosted on a shared server. Please note if the number of files within the directory is not reduced, we will have to contact you again about the issue. Eventually we may be forced to suspend your account or remove the files from your account if server performance becomes degraded. As a reminder, any files stored on your account must comply with our Terms of Service and should be relevant to your website.

    Again this message. What to do? Manually removing is not solution. When will be next version? If you are not ready with some major update please relies some small one fixing this problem .
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