Extension did not pass Mozilla review


The extension did not pass Mozilla review, but it pass google. Also enabling the extension on Chrome makes the browser unusable (already see another user saying this)

Hope you have a solution fast ;)

Your add-on, HitzMonster.com 5.0.0, has been reviewed and did not meet the criteria for being hosted in our gallery.


This version did not pass the review because of the following issues:

1) We don't allow add-ons to use remote scripts because they can create serious security vulnerabilities. We also need to review all add-on code, and this makes it much more difficult. Please insert those scripts locally from your add-on code.

2) This add-on uses the 'eval' function to parse JSON strings, which is a security problem. Please read https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Using_JSON_in_Firefox for more information about safer alternatives.
eg: bootstrap.js

Please fix them and submit again. Thank you.

This version of your add-on has been disabled. You may re-request review by addressing the reviewer's comments and uploading a new version at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers/addon/hitzmonster-com/versions

If you want to respond to this review, or have any questions about it, please reply to this email or join #amo-editors on irc.mozilla.org.
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