Mozilla did not accept your add-on

Hi ! ;)

I received this mail today :
Your add-on, AllTrafic 5.0.0, has been reviewed and did not meet the criteria for being hosted in our gallery.


This version did not pass the review because of the following issues:

1) We don't allow add-ons to use remote scripts because they can create serious security vulnerabilities. We also need to review all add-on code, and this makes it much more difficult. Please insert those scripts locally from your add-on code.

2) This add-on uses the 'eval' function to parse JSON strings, which is a security problem. Please read for more information about safer alternatives.
eg: bootstrap.js

Please fix them and submit again. Thank you.
How can I fix this? But for Chrome no problem ^^


  • Hi

    Until now The best solution for this issue is to upload the firefox extension manually in your admin panel and you can use it as normal, and after you do that do not forget to clear the "" link from the admin panel

  • Thank you for your reply ^^
    Yes I did that, anyway, thank you for your work !
  • So how do I understand it all not with the extension? The language barriers do of course also to some.
    In any case I have produced the extentions according to instructions. And also uploaded. Also on Mozilla and Chrome. Mozilla does not accept you? For whatever reason? The annoying because of a few mistakes but which should not be heavy.

    Next, the Adons or Extension are also on my Sever where the script is.

    What can I do that the housewife from next to the Jeunesse operates and simply traffic on your landignpage would like without difficulties after the update finally again surfing ???

    Please reply quickly
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